Thursday, October 23, 2014

Creepy Reads

October is a month for stormy weather and haunted hayrides... just the season for curling up with a scary story.

On Sunday, October 26 at 2 pm at the Warrenton Library, you can get in the Halloween mood with a showing of the 1999 film The Mummy (part of our Archaeology Film Fest).

We also have horror fiction on display at Warrenton through the end of the month. If you're looking for a scary read, here are five celebrated horror novels to give a try.

Lisey's Story

I couldn't resist starting off with a Stephen King title. Two years after his death, Lisey's novelist husband is still a haunting presence in Lisey's life. So is the otherworldly realm that was the source of her husband's creativity since childhood.

As Lisey is terrorized by a fan of her husband's novels, she uncovers the supernatural secrets of her husband's past. A complex parable about writing and love, Lisey's Story is a good choice for adventurous readers who wouldn't normally pick up a King novel.

The Haunting of Hill House

This novel has been adapted twice for the screen, most notably as the classic 1963 film The Haunting.

Four strangers are invited to stay in a haunted house one summer. Of the four, Eleanor is increasingly disturbed by eerie phenomena, but it's not clear if their source is the house or Eleanor herself.

Unlike many contemporary horror novels, the horror elements in this novel are largely "off-screen," which makes for an atmospheric, suspenseful read.

A Dark Matter

Like Stephen King, Peter Straub is a horror fiction legend, and A Dark Matter is one of his most celebrated works.

In 1966, four high school friends attempt an occult ceremony that ends in disaster. Decades later, each of them is interviewed about the incident and its aftermath and tells a slightly different story of what happened. The result is an intense masterpiece of psychological suspense.

The Little Stranger

This novel set in postwar England will appeal both to fans of ghost stories and of historical fiction.

Dr. Faraday is summoned to a decaying country estate. He becomes increasingly close with the family who lives there, but finds they are haunted both by the past and by the supernatural.

The Little Stranger is a tribute to classic ghost stories as well as a portrait of the decline of the landed aristocracy in Britain.


Nos4A2 is an ambitious supernatural thriller that blends adventure and horror.

Victoria has a supernatural talent for finding things. Charlie Manx resides in an otherworldly amusement park called Christmasland and makes children disappear. Years ago, Charlie tried to take Vic... and now he wants Vic's son.

Vic's adventure through a spooky, occasionally gruesome fantasy world will delight fans of speculative fiction.

We also have special programs for children - Halloween Hoopla and Monster Mash are theme'd story times that will include games, crafts and spooky stories. 

Happy reading!

Becky @ Warrenton

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