Thursday, September 18, 2014

Ancestor Appreciation Day

Ancestor Appreciation Day is celebrated on
September 27th each year.

Do you wonder about your ancestors?
Have you already done a little “digging” about a family mystery or discovered interesting facts about a particular ancestor?
Recently, there has been an increase in TV ads for Ancestry, the popular research site for those who wish to find out more about their ancestors.

The Fauquier County Public Library has a library subscription to AncestryLibrary, which is free for patrons to use at any Library branch. The Library also has a subscription to HeritageQuest, another wonderful research site for genealogists. If you are interested in local history, the Library has a database which indexes several years of vital records in the Fauquier Times-Democrat. In addition, the Library has a subscription to the Washington Post Historical Newspapers, 1877-1993. Recently, the Library added the database World Vital Records, which provides a variety of records to research.

Roots, a book published in 1976 by Alex Haley and made into a movie in 1977, sparked an interest in learning about tracing one’s ancestry, particularly an African-American line. The hit TV shows “Who Do You Think You Are” and “Finding Your Roots” have introduced the world to the interesting gems you can find when researching your family history.  In these shows, celebrities receive help from professional genealogists, librarians, archivists, and historians.  The sometimes rewarding, sometimes sobering aspects of a family history can spark further interest in the different lines in your family tree. "Exploring Our Roots" and "Finding Oprah’s Roots" are some other DVDs that delve into the DNA research that can be helpful when tracing your family history.

The Fauquier County Public Library has several basic books on genealogy research, other useful information for genealogists, local histories, and family genealogies.

Here are some interesting titles in our 
Virginiana collection:

Happy Ancestor Hunting!

Mary Sue @ Bealeton

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