Thursday, July 24, 2014

Gardening for Soil and Water Conservation Coming to Fauquier County Public Library

If you're a gardener, farmer, or nature lover, join us at the Warrenton Library on Sunday, August 3 at 3 p.m. for an informative seminar on this popular topic.

Michael Trop, Conservation Education Specialist for the John Marshall Soil and Water Conservation District, will discuss the conservation district as well as gardening, landscaping, composting, irrigation, and other aspects of soil and water conservation. 

The library has books and DVDs to help you learn about soil and water conservation and practice it at home. Here are some of the highlights:

Rain Gardens is a practical guide to rain gardens of any size. Rain gardens capture, channel, and divert water, minimizing the effects of drought and stormwater runoff.

This book describes different types of rain gardens and includes a directory of rain garden-friendly plants.

In The Big Thirst, journalist Fishman tells the story of how access to safe water is threatened across the world.
This book explores how water scarcity could transform how we think about and use water. It describes cutting-edge technologies and low tech practices to help us tackle a global water crisis.

Beautiful No-mow Lawns by Evelyn J. Hadden

Not strictly a water management guide, but this book focuses on plantings that require less water than a traditional lawn. And isn't a no-mow lawn an attractive idea at this time of year?

Hadden discusses dozens of lawn alternatives, including rain gardens, drought-friendly gardens, and edible gardens (yum!)

Soil may not seem like a glamorous subject, but in this powerful book, earth scientist Montgomery recounts the history of soil use and abuse from ancient times to the present.

He discusses alternative farming practices that may reverse the soil erosion currently endangering the world's food supply.

Improving Your Soil by Keith Reid

This book is a concise, easy to understand guide for gardeners interested in improving their soil.

Reid explains the science behind soil and discusses how you can amend, aerate, and improve the health of the soil in your garden.

Gaia's Garden is about permaculture, a branch of agriculture that emphasizes working with, not against, natural ecosystems.

This book adapts permaculture concepts for home gardeners, explaining how gardeners can conserve water and soil and make the most of their backyard.

Happy reading—and growing!
Becky @ Warrenton

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