Thursday, December 5, 2013

Sit, Stay, Down... Training your dog or puppy

Are you trying to train a dog or puppy?  Perhaps you are thinking about bringing a dog or puppy into the family over the holidays and are looking for some tips? 

Training your pet can be frustrating, perhaps even a little overwhelming.  Don't get mad and don't lose hope.  You probably just need a little help from people who know a thing or two about how to do it.  The library offers many books and DVD's that can take some of the challenge and frustration out of training for you and man's best friend.

A good first step in training your dog is to understand the way he thinks. For this sort of help you can turn to books like Bruce Fogle’s Know Your Dog: An owner’s guide to dog behavior, or How Dogs Think: Understanding the canine mind by Stanley Coren.

If you have trouble with your dog jumping up on people or begging for treats at the table, you might read Citizen Canine: Ten essential skills every well-mannered dog should know by Mary Burch, or take home the DVD called Drool School: Family dog training produced by Amy Robinson.

The library has books that will help you with everything from housebreaking to training your dog to perform tricks.  There are also books on specialized training such as: 

If you already own a dog who needs to update his manners or plan on starting from scratch with a puppy, be sure to visit the library and check out some of these helpful resources.  For more ideas, check out our "Dog & Puppy Training" book display at the Warrenton library, December 4 - 12. 

Good luck and happy reading. 

Jeanne @ Warrenton 

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