Thursday, October 17, 2013

Planet Earth, a local perspective

The leaves are falling  - a sure sign that Autumn is here and winter is not far behind.  With the leaves gone we'll have a better perspective on the structure of the earth beneath the trees.  Features such as cliffs and stream beds will become more evident.

As I look a the beautiful land in Fauquier County I can't help wondering about the forces that shaped these graceful, fertile hills.  I know that centuries of forest growth and decay helped to form our rich soil from the top down, but what lies underneath that soil?  How long did it take for the distant blue mountains to achieve such soft curves?  I look at the rocks in our rivers and wonder what kind they are and how they formed.  Do they hold fossils, precious stones or metals? 

If you share my curiosity about these things here are some resources to help you understand what you see around you. 

Earth's Voyage Through Time by David Dineley

Geology of Fauquier County, Virginia by Richard S. Joslyn

Gold Mines of Fauquier County, Virginia by Bob A. Barron

 Dirt: The erosion of civilizations by David Montgomery

Come to the library and learn more about planet Earth from a local perspective. Browse our Planet Earth Display from October 16 - 23 in the Warrenton library. 
Jeanne @ Warrenton Reference

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