Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Getting a horse?

Horses.  Horses.  Horses.  

There was a time when it seemed to me that there was nothing more wonderful than a horse, and little or no chance that I would ever have one of my own.  Between bouts of begging my parents, who were very “let’s wait and see” about the whole idea, and working and saving every dime of my babysitting money, I read all sorts of books about horses.  Of course I started by reading horse stories but as my interest grew I began looking at books about all the different breeds:  Appaloosas, Fresians, Palominos and Paso Finos etc.  

I drew horses and dreamed of them, but my parents kept asking nagging practical questions such as: “How much will it cost to keep a horse (never mind buying one)?” and “Where can you keep a horse around here?” We were living in Fairfax at the time.  

My response was to read more practical books about horse keeping and nutrition and to look a little more realistically at just what I could hope to provide out of my babysitting money. 

Eventually I got my horse when a neighbor who was going off to college gave me the opportunity to buy her virtually unbroken three year old Mustang filly for $75, including tack.  When I found out that I could board the horse for $50 a month at a little farm within walking distance of my junior high school my parents relented and the horse was mine.  That was the beginning of a wonderful and very challenging chapter in my life.
If someone you know loves horses, a trip to the library and a peak at our great selection of books on all things horse related is a must. From what you need to know to own your first horse to what it takes to show horses, our collection includes books at both ends of the spectrum. Here are a few to consider:

The Greatest Horse Stories Ever Told, edited and introduced by Steven D. Price

Horses / Photographs by Michael Eastman

The Event Horse by Sheila Willcox     (I never got this far but I did show in the 4-H fairs)

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