Monday, July 22, 2013

Staycations: D.I.Y. Around the Garden

We have reached that point in the summer when there are fewer summer days ahead of us than behind. There is still time, however, for a few more summer adventures!

In this, our last of three "staycation" blogs, we take a different approach. Your end of summer "staycation" doesn't have to take you any further than your own backyard, or perhaps the local garden center.

As I cannot profess to be particularly handy, it's fortunate for me that I have a husband who is very talented at wood working, metal working, and even laying stone or brick. However, I am a pretty decent gardener and love for my gardens to be interesting and just a bit different.

That's where the many books the library has with all types of garden and patio projects comes in.  I love to thumb through these and dream of the interesting and sometimes even odd things that one can make to liven up an outdoor area. 

I've listed just a few here for you with some highlights from each item. 

Easy to Build Backyard Projects by Monte Burch has a very interesting outdoor cooking center that includes a concrete top that would make cooking outdoors a lot of fun.  So instead of prepping inside while guests are mingling outdoors, you can be preparing your guests' meal while enjoying their company the whole evening.  Build the matching BBQ station and a picnic table and you're all set for many a backyard party.

If you're looking to create a little ambience on your deck or patio, check out 35 Great Outdoor Projects from Wood Magazine.  Here you'll find adorable porch-and-patio candle lanterns that highlight corded glass and small brass floral cut outs.  This book also features several lovely pergolas and arbors.

Have you ever put a cooler on your deck or porch filled with drinks for your guests to easily access?  In Garden Furniture and Outdoor Projects by Alex Ward and Nick Gibbs you'll find instructions for building a beautiful box to fit that cooler perfectly.

Garden Seating: Great Projects from Wood, Stone, Metal, Fabric and More by Janice Eaton Kilby has any number of excellent projects including wrap around tree benches, a sheltered garden bench, stonework seating, and seating made from stripped limbs that bear natural shapes and contours.  All in all a lovely book. 

Shop Tested Outdoor Furniture You Can Make from the editors or Wood Magazine has a great lazy day porch swing and rocker.  These would make any porch, patio or deck an inviting place to sip some lemonade and watch the world go by.

For the more advanced hanyman and artistic individuals, you'll find beautiful pots, benches, and lawn and garden ornaments in Creative Concrete Ornaments for the Garden by Sherri Warner Hunter. 

In Concrete Garden Projects authors Malin Nilsson and Camilla Arvidsson encourage first timers to try making concrete projects and assure you that it's not that difficult---but you do have to follow the directions.   Chocked full of  interesting projects using molds and plastic pots for shaping concrete, this book includes instructions for small water gardens and angel statues for your gardens.

This is just a sampling of titles available that will help you enjoy your outdoor spaces and maybe brag a little too about your skills.  Stop by any Fauquier Library to check out all the materials we have to help you do-it-yourself. 

Dawn S. @ Warrenton

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