Friday, May 3, 2013

Home Sweet Home

No matter your style, there is bound to be something for you at the library.  My decorating style has been called “eclectic”, and I’m certain this is true because I can find beauty in it all.  And this is why almost after every day spent at the library, my Friends of the Fauquier Library tote contains at least one of the beautiful pieces from our collection covering home improvement and/or decorating. 

Of course there are the books on general decorating tips, from furniture placement to choosing the right color scheme, to what and how to arrange artwork on your walls.  No decorating section would be complete without Martha Stewart.   Then there’s Nate Berkus, the interior designer that Oprah Winfrey introduced.  Better Homes and Gardens also has several selections, including their monthly magazine.

But check out these beauties…one of my “go-to’s” when my creativity has hit a dry spell, I can always rely on anything from the publishers of Country Living.  The library carries their monthly magazine, and additionally a number of books they’ve published.  My all time favorite from Country Living being  750 Great Ideas for Decorating on a Budget. 

Did you know there’s a book titled Style by Nature?  I, for one, truly enjoy the outdoors, and often find ways to incorporate it inside…from acorns and pressed fall foliage on my Thanksgiving table to Queen Anne’s lace in a mason jar in the summer.  Another book  that intrigued me recently, Collector’s Style, is a selection covering how to incorporate your collections into your d├ęcor.  There are some really clever ideas here!   There are also decorating idea books that are room specific, i.e. Kitchen Decorating Ideas Under $100.  The resources are endless. 

I even found my next deco project in this month’s issue of Grit Magazine.  Grit is a monthly magazine for the rural dwellers, mostly focusing on agricultural issues.  The featured project shows how to make kitchen pendant lights from antique mason jars.  An aqua 1858 Mason jar I have displayed on a shelf in my kitchen is about to truly take the spotlight! 

Even if decorating is not your “thing”, you’ll be pressed to not find one outstanding idea from any one of our numerous books in the library's collection.  No matter what your style, or decorating goal---if nothing but to observe the beauty and creativity---be sure to check it out; literally.

Alicia @ Bealeton

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