Friday, April 12, 2013

Get Rid of the Gym Membership! Let Your Library Card Flex Its Muscles!

With the renewed energy that comes with knowing that spring, and then summer (that dreaded bathing suit season!) are right around the corner, it’s time again to start thinking about getting active. The winters in Virginia are rough for me, being a native Floridian. Constantly being cooped up indoors really takes its toll on my mind, as well as my body. When the first signs of sun and warmth start to appear, I get a fresh surge of energy. It's time to get my mind and body back on track!

The library is a great place to find out what your perfect "get fit" plan might be. There are books on virtually any type of diet and exercise program. If you've ever thought about trying yoga or Pilates, the library has books and DVD's for you to borrow. There are books, magazines, and videos on walking, running, weight training, and water workouts, just to name a few.

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