Friday, September 7, 2012

Empty Nest?

Seems like everyone I know has a kid who went off to college this year. So what will you do with yourself when you no longer have to attend Friday night high school football or have to help with homework or pack lunches? Well maybe Dewey can help.

000, learn how to work that computer now that the kids are gone

100, figure out why you are so lonely and the kids are having such a great time at school

200, reconnect and find some inner peace

300, learn how to save for retirement once college is paid for

400, learn a new language--Spanish, French, German, Chinese, and Japanese are just a few of your choices.

500, enjoy the quiet of bird watching

600, reclaim your lawn and garden and learn how to cook healthier meals

700, turn that empty bedroom into a studio and start painting or scrapbooking

800, read all the classics that you made the kids read in high school

900, travel and visit the places that you have only read about

Or just come into your Fauquier Library location and browse without the kids rushing you.

Library staff

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