Friday, August 17, 2012

Gentle Reads, vol. II

The Christian fiction genre includes the variety of mystery, romance, science fiction, historical fiction, and suspense novels. Last week I introduced you to some titles in the Christian fiction category in the library's collection.  This week, I'd like to tell you about a few more possibilities for your reading pleasure.

Do you enjoy reading books that are set in the Amish or Mennonite culture?  If so, you might be interested in  the Miller Family series by Mary Ellis or the Adams County Trilogy series by Jerry Eicher.  Or how about an African-American story like The Someday List by Stacy Adams?

For a good mystery, read the Supper Club Mystery series by J.B. Stanley.  Or if you prefer suspense, try Freefall by Kristen Heitzmann or the Women of Justice series by Lynette Eason.

If you like adventure stories, try the Babylon Rising series by Tim LaHaye or the Rift in Time series by Michael Phillips.  For the science fiction fan, consider the Underground Zealot series by Jerry Jenkins.

Other tried and true favorites include:

Happy Reading!

Mary Sue @ Warrenton

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