Monday, May 14, 2012

Sitting on the Glass--or Maybe Not.

It has always been a dream of mine to sit on the glass at a professional hockey game. Now if you don’t know much about hockey, sitting on the glass is like the 50 yard line, ringside or courtside seat of ice hockey.

You're right on the front row so you can see all the action and scream and shout and bang on the glass when a great play happens in front of you. Well I guess nothing really keeps me from that dream other than a few hundred dollars, so instead I kick up my feet  in front of my 42 inch HDTV with a few books on hockey and pretend I am there. The season is winding down - regular season is over - the playoffs are underway and the final series to earn the right to take home the Stanley Cup is coming quickly.

So if you are not a hockey fan and want to know what all the excitement is about or if you have been watching the games and want to know what icing or high sticking is and why a goal got “washed out”, the library has a few resources that might help.

Kids’ Hockey: The Parents’ Guide will give you all the basic rules. For some wonderful pictures and history take a look at Total Hockey: The Official Encyclopedia of the NHL or any of our other titles on the history of hockey.

If you don’t want to watch all those commercials, throw in a DVD between periods, Alex Kovalev: My Hockey Tips and Training Methods is one you might find helpful if you're learning the game or feeling like you need a little practice on your shot techniques.
There have been some great players in hockey and it doesn’t matter what team they played for.   So pick up a biography on one of the greats like Mario Lemieux or Wayne Gretzky.

We even have fiction for adults and kids that revolve around the game like Rachel Gibson's Chinook Hockey Team series and Luanne Rice's Summer Light.  For the kids we have That’s Hockey by David Bouchard and The Hockey Mystery by Gertrude Chandler Warner.

And if you want to know even more, plan a trip to the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, Canada---you can plan your trip with Fodor's Toronto.  It's a great place for a summer vacation for kids old and young.

Enjoy the games and GO CAPS!!

Warrenton Library Staff

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