Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Play Ball!

It's baseball time again!  Time for those of us (myself included) who are not fond of winter sports to dust off our baseball caps, celebrate the arrival of spring, and get ready to cheer for our favorite teams.

Baseball's 2012 opening day is Wednesday, April 4.  Drop by the library that day to join us in celebrating the season's start with free popcorn. And, when you are not watching the games visit your nearest Fauquier County Public Library to check out a baseball-related book or DVD.

If you're interested in the history of baseball, Ken Burns's DVD documentary Baseball is a great place to start.  Full of interesting stories, useful facts, and wonderful video footage, this series is a must-see for every baseball fan.  Geoffrey C. Ward's book Baseball: An Illustrated History is based on the Ken Burns DVD series, and is full of interesting photos.  Sports Illustrated's The Baseball Book, published last year, includes historical information on the game and biographical information on many players.

If you prefer biographies, check out our large selection of books on early baseball players such as Ty Cobb and Babe Ruth, well-known players such as Joe DiMaggio, Hank Aaron, and Lou Gehrig, and modern-day players such as Alex Rodriguez and Cal Ripkin.

Or, for those who would rather sit back in the comfort of their own homes and watch baseball on TV, check out these baseball movies: Field of Dreams, starring Kevin Costner as an Iowa farmer who turns his cornfield into a baseball field, and A League of Their Own, starring Tom Hanks as a coach in the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League during World War II.

This is just a small portion of the baseball-realated resources at the library.  Happy baseball season, everyone!


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