Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Hummingbird

Barely bigger than your thumb,
See it hover, hear it hum,
With beating wings so fast they’re blurred,
This helicopter of a bird.

They’re coming!  The Ruby-Throated hummingbirds usually show up in Fauquier County around mid to late April and they have traveled a long way and are very hungry. Feeding and observing them is a great family activity, and the library has information for all ages

Two DVDs available at all the branches are:

The Excitement of Attracting and Caring for Hummingbirds

Available in the juvenile nonfiction section you'll find the following titles.

The Hummingbird in the Flowers by Susan Quimby Foster

In the adult non-fiction (598.764), there are lots of books on the subject of hummingbirds-- from attracting and feeding, to identifying and photographing.

We have an oversize book filled with big beautiful photographs by Ben Sonder---Hummingbirds: A Celebration of Natures Most Dazzling Creatures.

And finally, look at the website, for more information and maps to follow the ruby-throated hummers migration. Then you’ll be ready when they show up at your house.

Enjoy the hummingbirds with your family this year.

Sheree @ Warrenton

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