Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cars, and More Cars

Every April issue of Consumer Reports is devoted to automobiles, new and used.  The 2012 top picks includes five Toyota models, the first time in several years that one company has dominated the list.

The April issue rates and compares 276 new vehicles, by category, from hatchbacks to pickups. The vehicles are rated on owner cost, fuel economy, and road test scores.  There are also short profiles of 200+ vehicles.

The used cars section includes reliability history for 200+ vehicles, and an article on Seven ways to avoid a lemon.  Also included are ratings for the top tires to purchase, from all-season tires to all-terrain SUV and truck tires.

One interesting chart notes the most annoying driving habits as chosen by 896 American drivers polled by the Consumer Reports National Reseach Center.  "Texting on a cell phone while driving" scored the highest, followed closely by "able-bodied drivers parking in handicapped spaces" and "tailgaters."

Each branch of the Fauquier County Public Library has the print issues of Consumer Reports from 2009 up to the current issue.  The Find It Virginia databases have an index to the issues from February 1, 1976 to the current issue, and the full-text of the reviews from January 1, 1999 to June 1, 2009.  You can access Find It Virginia from any library computer, or from home with your vaild Fauquier County Public Library card.

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  1. The chart about the most annoying habits is very interesting. The most annoying habit (texting while driving) is also really dangerous. So people are not only annoying fellow drivers, but endangering themselves and everyone around them as well!