Friday, March 30, 2012

Gardening Locally

I know it’s warm and sunny out, but calm down, be patient. The last frost dates in our area are the end of April, beginning of May. So don’t put those tender plants out just yet.

However, you can study up, read about them, and make a plan. The library has some wonderful books specific to gardening in our area, when the time is right.

My favorite go to book is Andre Viette’s Month-by-Month, Gardening in the Mid -Atlantic. This book contains monthly advice on what to do in the garden and when to do it, and covers several plant categories ranging from annuals to vines.

A brand new one is Donna Williamson’s Virginia Gardeners Companion. Williamson provides detailed, easy-to-understand information about the ins and outs of gardening in Virginia, from a Virginia master gardener, with advice from state gardening writers, horticulturists, and other local experts. 

Another title to consider is Jacqueline Heriteau’s Virginia Gardeners Guide.  Heriteau recommends 170 choice plant selections, including annuals, deciduous and evergreen trees, flowering bulbs, groundcovers, herbs, ornamental grasses, perennials, roses shrubs, and vines.  An entire chapter dedicated to creating ornamental water gardens adds a unique growing medium to the beauty of a Virginia landscape. 

Trees and Shrubs of Virginia, by Oscar Gupton is good for identifying what you may already have in your yard or what you might wish for.

Something you need to keep in mind when planting in our area, 50 Beautiful Deer Resistant Plants, by Ruth Rogers Clausen.  Profiles of each  ornamental plant in this volume includes a deer-resistance scale, tips on growth and care, zone recommendations and full-color photos.

The whole gardening section (call number 635 in non-fiction area) is just filled many beautiful and helpful gardening books. Also, don’t forget the oversize section. That’s where you will find the Virginia Gardener Handbook, which is used by Virginia Master Gardeners. Look for more information about the Virginia Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners available at the library or call the Master Gardeners---they have a help desk to answer all you local gardening questions.

Happy Gardening,

Sheree @ Warrenton

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