Friday, December 2, 2011

Giving Books

One of my favorite parts of the holidays is finding just the right gift for each of my friends and family members.  And quite often I find that the perfect gift is a book that reflects someone's interests or a new topic they want to explore. 

This year I purchased a used, first edition of Tolkien: The Illustrated Encyclopaedia for a Tolkien devotee, (a recent addition to our family circle), and  Bird by Bird for the 20 something fan of Anne Lamott (a longer term member of the family circle).  I also picked up Sweetness: the Enigmatic Life of Walter Payton for one of the sports crazed individuals in my family (and they are many).  For two of the adolescent boys in my life, I selected copies of the 2012 edition of The Guinness Book of World Records.  I think they are all going to be thrilled with their new reading material.  

To aid shoppers with suggestions for book purchases, library staff has created three helpful handouts for holiday shoppers.  If you are looking for books to give as gifts for children, teens, or adults, we have the list for you. Just pick one up at a reference desk on your next visit to the library.

Of course, if you also tend to do your charitable giving at this time of year, the library is running its " you can open again and again" campaign.  This allows library lovers to choose a title to purchase for the library before the end of the tax year.

Additionally, if you do your holiday shopping at Amazon, just one click through the library's Wowbrary page allows you to get your shopping done and make a contribution to the library at no cost to you.  Amazon makes a donation to the library with every purchase made through the Wowbrary link.

Whether you choose books for yourself, your family, or for the library have a joyous holiday. Season's Readings

Dawn S. @ Warrenton

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