Friday, August 26, 2011


Have you ever wondered just what it is that defines a community? Sometimes a community is defined by its location as when those who live in a subdivision are considered members of a community. Sometimes location is combined with social circumstances in defining a community, as when those who have children attending school in a certain area, live in a certain voting district or subscribe to a particular political party are identified as a community. Whether we see each other at the local pool, attend school programs together, or stand in line to vote together, we soon discover that the dialogues, conversations and actions we engage in with one another form the true substance of our various community memberships.

How does the library fit into our sense of community? Libraries have traditionally been considered quiet sanctuaries where information is made available to studious individuals, but they are also very important to the formation and definition of community.

Through the Fauquier County Public Library you have access to the Fauquier County Code, Subdivision Ordinance, Zoning Ordinance and various other planning and budget documents which establish and guide the growth and development of the town and county in which we live. You will find local and national newspapers and magazines available in print and in the form of searchable online databases. The library provides free access to computer terminals and wireless service and encourages you to explore far and wide through the Internet in search of anything from games and Facebook friends to online college courses.

But then, closer to home, with respect to those all-important dialogues, conversations, and actions which substantiate our membership in community, visitors will find that the library supports a number of popular reading and discussion groups, lecture series, and special programs for children and adults.

Please stop at your local library branch in Bealeton, Warrenton or Marshall and let us help you use the materials and resources that are available to you. And then let us introduce you to other members of your community engaged in programs and discussion groups which you, too, might want to join.

Jeanne @ Warrenton

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