Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Reading Potpourri 2

Should a book store sell all sorts of materials? Or can the owners choose to be selective and only serve a portion of the population, i.e., elite/intellectual readers? This premise is put forth in the novel A Novel Bookstore in which an entire French village protests and begins harassing a bookstore owner. Don't we have Politics and Prose and The Mystery Bookstore and other similar shops? They all have their own selections.

Laurence Cosse', the author and owner of The Good Novel Bookstore, sets forth a very interesting premise with this novel ... and has spawned other similar style and successful bookstores internationally.

If you like reading about food and people then you'll enjoy 97 Orchard by Jane Ziegelman. In this book the author profiles five families from five different nationalities living in lower east side Manhattan from the 1860s through the 1920s. As time passed, these families may have changed their dress and speech, some of their customs, and learned American ways, but their food speaks of speaks of their homes and homelands. Ziegelman uses explanations of food, including recipes, and anecdotes to show how the immigrants adjusted to their new country.

If you're up for some travel reading try one of the following titles:
These books will take you to places you may have never dreamed of going. You'll read of insects, foods, sleep, and temperatures you may not want to think of again. Each book is a fantastic read in itself. No matter what the weather here, you can be travelling via your sofa. Buckle up and enjoy!

Kathryn @ Warrenton

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