Friday, June 3, 2011

That's Sporting! volume II

Looking for adventure, excitement, inspiration, and controversy? Check out the world of sports literature and film. From biographies of larger than life figures to chronicles of sports’s greatest moments, sports-related books and movies feature some of the most amazing stories you’ll ever encounter.

Last week I wrote about some great sports themed books---this week, let's check out the movies! 

Bend It Like Beckham:
Want a movie that will make you smile? Check out this movie about a British-Indian soccer-obsessed teen and her bewildered immigrant parents. It’s the old tale of Western children vs. their immigrant parents, and it’s done very well. It’s sweet, funny, thoughtful, and without much of the angst that accompanies similarly-themed movies (and books). Rated PG-13.
The Blind Side:
 If you haven’t seen this remarkable story about a homeless football playing teen and his adoptive family, you should check it out the next time you’re in the mood for a great story. This features Sandra Bullock’s Oscar-winning role. If the movie is checked out, bide your time while reading the book of the same name. Rated PG-13.
Chariots of Fire:
Can’t you hear the theme music running in your head? This is the uplifting story of two British track-and-field athletes who are running for more than just medals.
Cool Runnings:
If you’re having a crummy day, pop in this movie. You can’t be down while watching this fun film about Jamaican bobsledders determined to make it to the Olympics. Plus, there's a local connection.  Warrenton Mayor George Fitch was a co-founder of the Jamaican bobsled team.  Rated PG.
Field of Dreams:
“If you build it, he will come.” This movie about an Iowa farmer who builds a baseball field in his cornfield is a happy tearjerker. Like the best sports movies, it’s more than just about the game. You may also be interested in reading Shoeless Joe by W.P. Kinsella, upon which the book is based. Rated PG.
Jerry Maguire:
Showing a more cynical side of the sports world than the starry-eyed titles on this list, this story of a sports agent who loses his job after questioning its purpose is one of Tom Cruise’s best movies. Also features Cuba Gooding Jr. in his Oscar-winning role and a young Renee Zellweger, as well as lines that everyone quoted in the 90s until they ceased to be funny or endearing (“Help me help you,” “You had me at hello,” and, of course, “Show me the money!”). Rated R.
National Velvet:
If you’re looking for something for the whole family, National Velvet should do quite nicely. This features Elizabeth Taylor in one of her most memorable performances as an equestrian and her beloved horse. You may also be interested in the book. Rated G.
Don’t sneer! There’s a reason why audiences went crazy for this movie-it has a lot of heart, a kicking soundtrack, and a breakout star. Skip the sequels, even though Mr. T may pity you. Rated PG.

And don't forget the popcorn!  Enjoy.


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