Friday, November 5, 2010

Twelve Books

Some of us who are avid readers have begun to wonder at the state of publishing these days. It is not unusual to find typos, mix up of character names, poor grammar and other small but annoying problems in recently published books.

For this reason, I am impressed when a publisher dares to be different. Such is the case with Twelve. According to the company’s Mission Statement, Twelve was established in 2005 to publish only one book per month, books that “explain our culture; that illuminate, inspire, provoke, and entertain.” This publisher further promises that “each book will be carefully edited, designed, and produced.”

Whether you are looking for fiction or non-fiction, memoir or social commentary, there will probably be a book by Twelve to interest you. Three of my favorites are:

And there are others such as: War by Sebastian Junger, Hitch 22 by Christopher Hitchens, Hard Call by John McCain, Supreme Courtship by Christopher Buckley, and Columbine by David Cullen.
With the gift-giving season fast approaching, many of us will purchase books as gifts for friends and family. It is nice to have the option to select from such a long list of books exhibiting both quality and timely content. See more about library staff recommendations for gift-giving this season with titles chosen especially for children, teens, or adults.
Don't forget that purchasing from through the library's Wowbrary site sends contributions directly to Fauquier County Public Library. And see other ways to give gifts to the library.

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