Monday, November 22, 2010

Smart Start-Small Business Information

Many people are opening their own businesses these days. If you want to join them but aren’t sure what sort of venture to undertake do a little market research with the help of: Microtrends: The Small Forces Behind Tomorrow’s Big Changes by Mark J. Penn, The Small-mart Revolution by Michael Shuman or How to Form a Nonprofit Corporation by Anthony Mancuso. If you decide to start a nonprofit corporation you will want to be sure to visit the Bealeton Library where the staff will help you make use of a special Grants and Funding Research Center.

Is there is a market for the service or product you plan to provide? You can find out about your competition, how well they’re doing and where their businesses are located by using databases available on the library’s website and do some research through the: Business and Company Resource Center or Reference USA, to name just two of the many resources you will find there.

When you’re ready to get the business underway use Mike P. McKeever’s book: How to Write A Business Plan to help you organize all the details, and if you plan to build a website read; Webonomics; Nine Essential Principles For Growing Your Business On The Web by Evan I. Schwartz. The Women’s Small Business Start-up Kit is helpful for women just venturing into the self employment market. A business loan or other funding is often essential to get the business going so you might need to consult Ashees Advani’s; Investors In Your Backyard or read the; Loan Financing Guide for Small Business Owners by D. Neil Berdiev.

Perhaps you already have a business and are looking for ways to modify or improve it. If you are considering incorporating you should read Tips and Traps When Incorporating Your Business by Jeffery A. Jensen. If you are trying to figure out what changes to make and what aspects of the business you want to keep the same as you grow, John C. Bogle helps you get a perspective on what is truly essential to a good business in his book Enough: True Measures of Money, Business and Life.

The library has a good supply of books and other materials to help business managers and prospective managers do market surveys, locate funding, write business plans and even start a business from scratch.

Come to the library. Let us help you get your business started.

Jeanne @ Warrenton

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