Monday, November 8, 2010

A Beautiful Mind

Questions about learning ability, intelligence measures and various ways to stimulate creative thinking are in the news of late.

A resource that might help you make sense of these terms is: Intelligence And How To Get It: Why Schools and Cultures Count. Many of us who are trying to help children measure up or excel may tend to overlook the fact that intelligence, learning and creativity are important concerns for adults as well.

If your child is nervous about measuring up you might want to check out the books from the Core Knowledge Series, such as, What Your Fourth Grader Needs to Know. This book is designed for fourth-grade students and will give your child a stimulating taste of what is to come in the year ahead. Learn more about the Standards of Learning tests.

What will become of your own mental abilities as you age? Some say that with age comes wisdom so there is hope for the aging brain. A good book about tracking down wisdom is: How To Live: A Search For Wisdom From Old People.

On the more scientific side you might like to read about ways to keep your brain active into old age by reading Zaldy S. Tan’s: Age-proof Your Mind: Prevent, Detect And Stop Memory Loss—Before It’s Too Late.

Take the time to learn about the fascinating connection between our health and state of mind in: Extraordinary Healing: The Amazing Power of Your Body’s Secret Healing System and to learn about how music and art contribute to our ability to think creatively in: The Mozart Effect: Tapping The Power Of Music To Heal The Body, Strengthen The Mind, And Unlock The Creative Spirit.

In many ways just conversing with another person presents us with the biggest mental challenge we face in life. The Art Of Conversation: A Guided Tour Of A Neglected Pleasure will remind you of this and help you get the most out of your opportunities to speak with others. Coming together to enjoy some mind stretching games or puzzles can help get the conversation going. There are plenty of ideas for games you can play with friends and family in Creative Family Projects, Games, And Activities by Cynthia MacGregor.

After you have spent some time looking at these books you realize that, whether you’re in the fourth grade or in your fourth decade, one thing you have in common with everyone else is a wonderful mind.

Jeanne @ Warrenton

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