Monday, November 15, 2010

Mystery Book Club Recommends

Members of the Mystery Book Club recently discussed the books of two British authors, Minette Walters and Robert Goddard. While Walters and Goddard might best be described as writers of psychological thrillers, their plots generally involve the pursuit of clues to get at the truth of something and a quest for justice.

This quest is often taken on by an individual as in Walters’ The Shape of Snakes in which the main character pursues the truth in a case the police have mishandled. In Goddard’s Into the Blue main character Harry Barnett searches for a women missing and thought dead when the police decide not to pursue a murder without a corpse.
Robert Goddard peoples his novels, such as Sight Unseen, with lots of interesting characters. Three of the book club’s members especially recommend Hand in Glove for wonderful character development and a “couldn’t put it down” reading experience. Betty very much liked its exciting, intricate plot. Steve described Goddard’s Caught in the Light as “excellent — a mystery within a mystery” but ultimately a story about revenge as a dish best served cold. Another of Goddard’s complex plots was found by Sue, who read Long Time Coming, which involves forged Picassos, Irish politics and betrayal by an old school friend.
One book club member enjoyed the psychological complexity of The Chameleon’s Shadow by Minette Walters. Dave thought that her book called The Breaker was an easy to read police procedural. Anna found The Sculptress an easy read with an unusual premise that keeps the reader engaged to the end. Some members felt that Walters’ detailed scenes of violence and cruelty and her depiction of unlikable and unsavory characters make her books more of a challenge despite being well-written.
Books by both Walters and Goddard contain complex plots and interesting characters. Goddard’s characters travel from one European country to another while Walters’ generally stay closer to home. Both authors offer well-written, suspenseful stories that keep the reader engaged to the very end, usually with a few surprises along the way. The Mystery Book Club highly recommends Robert Goddard and Minette Walters.

Happy Reading!

Maryellen & the Mystery Book Club members.

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  1. I just started Goddard's Into the Blue and am hooked. Thanks for the recommendation!