Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Give the gift of reading

In my family I have become known as the "book aunt" because I often give books as gifts at baby showers, birthday parties and, of course, Christmas. I love giving books as gifts, not just because I'm a librarian and I whole heartedly believe in the power of great books in our lives, but because I can remember very fondly how much I loved getting books as gifts myself as a child.

I am part of a large family with several siblings much older than I. Once those siblings were out of the house and married they often provided me with books and magazines as Christmas and birthday gifts. I passed down to my own daughters the copies of Heidi, The Five Little Peppers, Black Beauty and Hans Brinker that one sister gave me as a set one year. I still have many of the Golden Books that I received as a child from aunts and uncles. And I must admit that as a teen, I absconded from another sister her copy of Madame Bovary that she received from the same elder sister in the set of classics. (I returned it to her several years ago so her set of classics is once again complete.)

I have always loved magazine subscriptions and give and get them as gifts each year. My first subscription was National Wildlife Magazine. Oh the excitement each month when that glossy cover appeared in the mailbox!

Probably the book that I poured over most thoroughly was a large sized, annotated edition of Swiss Family Robinson. I have always loved trivia and tid bits of information to accompany text. This book filled many hours for me as I read the classic tale and soaked up the definitions, illustrations and other information found in the margins.

If you need help finding books and magazines to give to the special people in your life, our librarians have prepared some quick pick lists to help you select books for children, teens or adults. Or talk to our librarians in person. They are always happy to help you find just the right book for giving a gift that can last a lifetime.

By the way, if you purchase your books, or any items for that matter, from Amazon.com through the library's Wowbrary account, a portion of the sales are contributed to the library at no extra cost to you. So consider giving a gift to a loved one and to the library at the same time.

Happy Holidays.
Dawn @ Warrenton

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