Wednesday, November 18, 2009

If you haven't read Romeo and Juliet lately ...

Many of us have read Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, most likely when we were teenagers in high school. Have you considered reading that play again today? Give it a try and you will be amazed at how different the play seems to you at 30 or at 60.

You will find several copies of Romeo and Juliet at the library. If you have trouble understanding the language in the play, you might try reading it with a friend and taking parts, or listening to it on CD. Your family and friends might enjoy watching the play together on DVD.

If you want to know more about the social and political situation at the time Shakespeare was writing or about the impact of his work on western literature you might want to read Harold Bloom’s Shakespeare: The Invention of the Human, or listen to the lecture series Shakespeare, the Word and the Action.

Then ... be sure to go see a Shakespeare play whenever it is presented locally. In Virginia and D.C. there are some good choices for enjoying Shakespeare on stage. Shakespeare at the Ruins. The Folger Theatre. The Shakespeare Theatre.

If you enjoy reading Shakespeare and would like to talk about what you have read with other people in your community, consider joining the Great Books reading and discussion group. For more information about this group and the current reading schedule please contact Jeanne Day (540) 347-8750, ext. 6.

Jeanne @ Warrenton


  1. My favorite Shakespeare movie is Much Ado About Nothing (with Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson). Very fun!