Friday, September 11, 2009

Go 'fishing' at the library

A wise patron once told me, "coming in to the library is kinda like fishing ... once in a while, you need to try different spots."

Read historical fiction? Like Steve Berry's The Romanov Prophecy? If so, visit the children's area of the library and pick up the biography Anastasia. In addition to the text you'll enjoy the pictures of everything just described.

(The children's section is a great area that many adults never explore. There everything is in condensed form with the added bonus of lots and lots of pictures. So, if you are a visual person, like I am, you'll love it there - all the facts without all the adult verbosity.)

I recommend The Wayward Muse, which is about the life of William Morris and the start of the Arts and Crafts movement in Great Britain. Then go to the nonfiction section and the oversized shelves, too, and pick through to your heart's content the books of Morris' designs and the photo books of his homes in England, his wallpaper and fabric designs - everything described in The Wayward Muse.

Check out Loving Frank, about Frank Lloyd Wright and his coming to the forefront in the world of architecture, then go, again to the nonfiction section, to see books of his buildings. And don't forget to check on related DVDs.

It's like one giant string all around the library where everything is connected ... and, sometimes, you are lead to "fish in another spot."

Happy fishing! Kathryn @ Warrenton

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