Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Motorcycling in Virginia

I have to admit, three years ago when my husband decided to buy a motorcycle, I was not an enthusiastic supporter of the idea. However, over the course of time, as I’ve gained more experience as the passenger on the back of his Harley, I’ve grown beyond being terrified, or nervous or even bored to enjoying the scenery that passes by and the breeze that keeps you cool even on hot summer days.

Our favorite rides are at low speeds along many of the beautiful country roads that can be found throughout Virginia. We particularly love riding Skyline Drive, where the speed limit is 35 miles an hour, the curves gentle, and the flora and fauna spectacular virtually any time of the year.

For more information about motorcycling in Virginia and West Virginia check out Motorcycle Adventures in the Central Appalachians for great rides in Virginia’s Blue Ridge, the Shenandoah Valley and West Virginia Highlands. This book by Hawk Hagebak provides detailed information for riding in specific areas, including the distance, time it will take and great places to stop along the way to sight see or have a meal.

Other books available at the library with good information about roadways and scenic places are
Blue Ridge Roadways: A Field Guide to Cultural Sites by M. Anna Farielle
The Shenandoah Valley Book: A Complete Guide by Joan Leotta
Off the Beaten Path: Virginia by Judy Colbert

Other materials on Motorcycling Safety and the History of Motorcycles are also available at the Fauquier County Public Library.

Have a safe ride. Dawn @ Warrenton

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